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Bialetti Easy Cafe 6-Cup Espresso Maker

Bialetti Easy Cafe, Espresso Maker. Produces 6 demitasse cups of rich, authentic Italian espresso in just 4-5 minutes. Bialetti, Italy’s iconic brand of espresso makers, introduces a new electric version of their best selling stovetop espresso maker. A sleek-looking power base makes it easier than ever to prepare authentic Italian-style coffee drinks in under five minutes. Made in Italy.

illy Caffe Espresso (Medium Roast, Red Band), 18-Count E.S.E. Pods (Pack of 2)

As its name suggests, espresso is made to order and lasts but a moment, providing a few brief, intense sips of pleasure that define the daily rhythm of life in Italy and much of the world. Just two ingredients—water at 194°F and the powder of 50 beans—worth of freshly ground, roasted coffee—become a feast for the senses when extracted under 9 atmospheres of pressure by the modern espresso machine. The resulting cup of 25-30ml of velvety smooth, rich and fragrant coffee is delicious and stimulating, but in fact contains less caffeine than coffee prepared by any other method. Every year, billions of cups of espresso are enjoyed worldwide, because those cups hold more than just good coffee; they contain a beverage which caresses the senses, energizes the mind, promotes creativity and catalyzes friendships. In other words, a beverage that plays a significant role in the daily lives of many millions of people. For illy, improving and enhancing the enjoyment of espresso is the object of its research and passion, an object where beauty, art, culture and science meet in a delightful and joyous ritual.

Fishs Eddy Brooklynese Cawfee Gift Set

fishs eddy brooklynese cawfee gift set: Whether they live in a Brooklyn brownstone or far from their favorite Borough, add a touch of Brooklyn cheekiness to any kitchen with this phonetically fun ceramic ware from Fishs Eddy. For over twenty-five years Fishs Eddy has been creating and curating commercial quality dish and glassware designed to get people (even the toughest Brooklynites!) smiling.