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Holstein Housewares H-08007 6 Cup Stainless Steel Espresso Maker

This espresso maker offers a sleek design with stainless steel and mirror finish with a 6 cup capacity. Also includes a cool touch handle, which allows the consumer to easily remove the espresso maker from the stovetop. This espresso maker allows you to make and enjoy fresh traditional espresso coffee in minutes.

Wolfgang Puck Coffee, Hawaiian Hazelnut Flavored, 18-Count Pods (Pack of 3)

Nutty and full of flavor, this hazelnut infused coffee imparts a toasty and warm flavor with every sip. All Wolfgang Puck Coffees are estate grown at high altitudes where the coffee cherries ripen slowly to allow their unique flavors and aromas to fully develop. Our coffees are selected from the top 5% of the world’s coffee production, then blended and roasted according to Wolfgang’s personal recipe.

Baronet Coffee Decaf French Vanilla (140 g), 18 Count Coffee Pod

In 1930 two brothers from Europe brought a wonderful old world coffee-making process to America. They soon discovered that their great tasting cup of coffee was the only “luxury” many ordinary people could afford in those grim days of the Great Depression. Understanding how important their coffee was to their customers, the brothers demanded that it live up to a higher standard. Now, three generations later, their family continues that tradition of excellence. Our loyal customers have come to love a brew that is crafted from the highest quality Arabica beans, slow roasted to perfection by Baronet’s master roaster. Now, this great coffee is available to you in single serve coffee pods. Our individually wrapped coffee pods will stay fresh, down to the last pod in the box. This allows you to keep several of our outstanding varieties in your kitchen, without worrying about getting to the bottom of the bag. Taste the tradition of Baronet Coffee! You’re sure to find its rich character mirrors the commitment of two brothers who used to say, “One cup invites another.”