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Nifty Mini Carousel for K-Cups, Black

The Nifty Mini Carousel for K-Cups lets you elegantly display all your favorite types of K-Cups while not taking up a lot of space. The mini carousel will hold up to 18 K-Cups. The Nifty Mini Carousel for K-Cups is great for dorm rooms, smaller kitchens, and small offices. The lazy susan base rotates 360-degree allowing you to easily access your favorite K-Cup. The black powder-coat finish looks classy on any kitchen countertop.

Coffee Coarse Grind Bag

The legendary taste of Tim Hortons Coffee is available in Coarse Grind for your French Press or Percolator. The secret to our great coffee comes from using our own special blend of 100% Arabica beans.Take home coffee in a 12 oz bag.

Bialetti Replacement Gasket – 3 Cup Size

This product contains three replacement gaskets and one filter for Bialetti 3 cup, stovetop espresso coffee makers.